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Extending Call for Nominations! DCTX 2024-2025 Elected Executive Board

We are extending our nominations for DCTX Executive Board members! Do you want to be an asset in guiding the future of the Dietitians of Central Texas? Run for a position or nominate someone you know!

A board position is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and shape the future of the organization.The duties for each available position are listed below. 

We have updated our requirements after realizing how it limited our potential to gain valuable leaders. Prior board experience, any time in DCTX, is required for all but the Director of Continuing Education position.

To be eligible to serve on the Executive Board, the nominee will agree to be a member of the Dietitians of Central Texas for the 2024-2025 membership year. 

Nominate someone or yourself today for the following 2024-2025 DCTX officer positions:

  • Director of Member Engagement (Prior DCTX or ATXRD board experience required)
    • Welcome new members joining the organization and maintain the contact list.
    • Recruit student members through liaisons.
    • Provide networking opportunities for members at meetings, welcome members during membership meetings, and in non-structured meeting situations.
  • Director of Continuing Education (no prior board experience required)
    • Plans and oversees membership meetings
    • Obtains CE certificates for meetings, keeps records
    • Provides membership with 2 CEUs for each quarterly newsletter
  • Director of  Finance (Prior DCTX or ATXRD board experience required)
    • Manages organization’s funds and reports quarterly to board.
    • Collect dues and provide reimbursements as needed.
    • Submits a budget with board input.
  • Director of  Communications (Prior DCTX or ATXRD board experience required)
    • Oversight of Website Editor and Media Chair
    • Assist board members with communicating their activities with membership. 
    • At least quarterly, review the live website for ease of navigation, and the need for updating time sensitive material.

    Please complete the nomination form by clicking HERE.

    The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, April 8, 2024.

    Committees & Working Group

    We are always looking for volunteers to help plan and host our events!

    Wellness Symposium Committee – help plan and execute the Annual Wellness Symposium 

    Fundraising Working Group – help raise funds for our organization through various outlets

    Interested in volunteering? Email us!

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